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Extension activities These arise naturally from a variety of activities used throughout the book and are directly connected with them, for example preparing a c. Suggestions are made for encouraging students to keep talking for a longer period! Suggestions are also given for the new-style and matching tasks which appear in Paper 1. The task is to fit the missing text into the gaps. Thinking grammar New Success at First Certificate asks students to apply an inductive approach to learning the grammar rules of the language! These Revision Tests arc for the teachers who want test material that will not have been seen by the students.

Guidance is also given for training students to deal with the kind of multiple choice questions on reading passages they may meet in Paper 1. Suggestions are also given for the new-style and matching tasks which appear in Paper 1. Candidates match extracts with prompts. Vocabulary The sections on vocabulary cover word building, phrasal verbs, and words often confused because they are similar to each other, such as travel, journey, voyage andtrip. Normally there are two examiners and two candidates. There is no opportunity to stop the tape half way through a play. Each part contains a text and comprehension task of some kind.


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Part 2 task types are all covered at least twice in the remaining 15 units. Advice is also given on what to listen for and how to record answers. Revision and extension The revision and extension exercises come at the end of each unit Focus 5. They build on the language of the previous units and cover important areas such as word building, tense choice, conditionals, etc. Part 4 Multiple matching: The task is to fit the missing text into the gaps.

Part 2 Multiple choice: Part 1 Candidates are asked to give information about themselves.

This paper contains four parts. Part 1 Transactional letter this part is compulsory.

Part 4 Candidates exchange opinions with each other. Part 3 Key word transformations: Part 3 Multiple matching: Students are taught to look through the tasks and predict what they are going to hear and what they will be asked to do, e. In examination conditions, students will hear the passage twice and be expected to perform the required task during two plays with only a short pause between each play.

There are also extra writing tasks in some units. Part 2 Grammar doze: Finding out about each other There are hints for encouraging student interaction and inviting students to communicate with each other rather than simply talk about themselves. Rather than being given the rules! Part 2 Multiple choice: Part 4 Multiple matching:

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